While many of us believe that tarot reading reveals the future, the cards are not about this. Using tarot cards to gain access into your inner wisdom and intuition is the best approach to a tarot reading, and the imagery plays an essential role in accessing these two parts of yourself. Once you gain access to your intuition and the subconscious part of your mind, you will be able to initiate positive changes in your life for your better future.

Still not able to understand how tarot cards work? Let me use this example to help you understand better. Assuming that you want to find a romantic relationship, you can seek help from tarot cards to know how you can attract love and maintain it, rather than wanting the cards to foretell if your Mr or Mrs. Right is coming soon. Drawing the Ten of Cups, you will see a happy family taking a jig on the card. This would teach that you need to know precisely what you want before you can attract your love partner. As you can see, this card does not predict your future love; rather, it helps you envision your preferred partner.

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